Whole 30

Whole 30 Week 1: I hate Coconut Milk

DAY 7!!

7 days done! A whole week! How do I feel after one week…hmmmm. Well today I was craving everything. The temptation to throw in the towel was by far the strongest yet. Part of it was that I was sooooo tired even though I slept really well last night. I know that part of the issue is that I am definitely not eating enough. Today I never really got around to eating lunch, didn’t come prepared with snacks, got home and had dog chaos with him burning his paws on toxic de-icer (grrrrr!) and had to pack up to move to my mom’s house for the weekend to save his little feet. I finally managed to eat my leftovers, but it still wasn’t enough and there really isn’t anything here that I can snack on, so hunger it is again. This technique is definitely not sustainable…

So how does my digestion feel? I can’t say that I’ve felt a whole lot of improvement there yet, but I am being patient that it will take awhile to notice anything. This weekend I need to do a little self care, though the temptation to run or have a tough workout is there, the energy definitely is not. I did have a glorious bath tonight and have nothing to wake up early for tomorrow morning, so sleep it is! I have two three day weekends coming up, which definitely makes the whole food prep thing a lot easier, so I’m looking forward to some time to try out some new recipes. It is a little weird having my first weekend and the temptation to go out and eat naughty food is real, but I can’t! Bear and I will be spending lots of quality time together this weekend!

Day 6

I only have the energy to write a few bullet points about Day 6. They weren’t kidding when they said Day 6 was all about napping, wanting to nap, dreaming about napping, and wishing you were napping. Luckily the magical snow kingdom got me outside enough today to get in 10,000 steps and also burn some calories just keeping my core temperature to 98.6. But here are my Day 6 bullet points

  • I will murder someone if I have to keep eating that egg casserole for breakfast I never want to see another baked egg in my life
  • Day 6, cold weather, and the onslaught of Shark Week (look away boys), does not equal ebullient happiness.
  • I did not eat enough today, but I feel like I get extra points for finishing that that damn Thai Coconut Soup. Sure, I put the leftover meatballs in it, but that’s how dinner works when you have no energy and want to go to bed at 6pm and also finished binge watching Gilmore Girls last night, so there’s nothing else you want to watch
  • Kale chips are now dessert. WTF.
  • I meditated for 30 minutes and didn’t fall asleep, which is a goddamn miracle
  • Ibuprofen better be Whole 30 approved because you don’t mess with a woman on the first day of shark week and I’m taking it anyway
  • I haven’t slept through the night since at least last Thursday so it’s been a week
  • There is nothing physically attractive about me today. Nothing.
  • Bear ate the leftover parsnips and we sat on the couch eating kale chips after romping in the snow. Now that’s what you call a team player.

I’m 1/5 of the way through!!



Day 5

I have NO IDEA what happened today. I wasn’t tired, or fluish, or grouchy today. I did cry a little over my trip to New Zealand, and after my meditation felt super grumpy, but mostly, I felt like how I felt before this whole thing started. My digestion was a total wreck all day. Acid reflux, stomach cramps, diarrhea, back pain, the whole annoying IBS thing. We did have a glorious snow day today though and Bear and I went snowshoeing for 2 hours. I definitely noticed the low stamina thing the book warned me about, and also realized that I hadn’t eaten much at all before heading out. And tramping around with heavy Sorel boots and snowshoes in a foot of fresh snow is never easy! The fresh air did feel great though, and I will say that my snow pants felt a little more roomy!

Today was mostly leftover day- the same egg casserole for breakfast, leftover meatballs and zoodles for lunch, and then the Whole 30 Chicken Cacciatore for dinner with sweet potato and carrot in it for extra vegetables. It was actually delicious! However, it was completely out of my system and in the Lake Oswego sewer system within 30 minutes of eating it. I have so much leftover that I guess I will see what happens the next time I eat it. Again, Whole 30 does warn people with IBS and other GI disorders that part of the healing process will involve a potential complete revolt of the GI system.

The real shame of today was not being able to drink hot chocolate, so I did heat up some almond milk with raw cacao and cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cardamom. Realizing that maybe I am a little bit grouchy and do use yummy food or drinks as a comfort thing, so not having that option, I am compromising. I am also realizing that I am definitely holding way more stress than I want to admit (although the sleepless nights should be a clue…), and that is probably going to undermine some progress until I can get a grip on it. Work is insane right now and I feel like there is almost more than I can handle being piled onto my shoulders, and I am also trying to make some big decisions. I have also had to come face to face with my terrible finances and trying to painfully, heartbreakingly, cancel my trip to New Zealand that I was really looking forward to but know that I just can’t do. So phew, anyway, lots to deal with as I also deal with Whole 30. I’m hoping that within these 30 days, I learn to handle it all better!

My sweet boy and me on our snowshoe today! Geez am I sore.



Day 4

What a fun surprise that Day 4 did not suck! Still having issues sleeping, but that’s mostly due to work. Sure, there were random periods of brain fog and at around 3pm I REALLY wanted a nap, but overall, I felt pretty normal. I even went to yoga, which felt great. Today’s food was almost identical to yesterday’s with the exception of some sweet potato chips that I baked this weekend, and the DELICIOUS Basil Chicken Meatballs from Pike Place Kitchen with zoodles. They were so easy to make and very tasty. These are a keeper for sure. Even though I have to make a low FODMAP version of everything, which means no onion or garlic here, these still stood up to the tastiness test. I’ve decided that I definitely prefer zoodles to spaghetti squash noodles and love how quick they are to make.

Physically, I have noticed that when I eat, I stay full for so much longer. It may be from eating more nutrient dense food, but I think it’s also because I am drinking more water. And tea. Tons of tea. I finally feel like some of the sugar cravings are easing off a little too. I think that having a generally healthy diet even before starting this is paying off, though according to the book, there are more sucky days ahead! And I would still kill someone for some cheese.

Basil Chicken meatballs with olive and tomato tapenade and nutritional yeast for the cheesy taste.

Day 3

Day 3 was not my friend. I never knew it was possible to have a hangover without drinking a drop…unless that Kombucha has more booze in it than the label leads you to believe. My day started by not sleeping well at all. I actually had dreams that I had to start Whole 30 all over again because I ate chocolate and cream cheese. And now nothing in the world sounds better to me than chocolate and cream cheese. Luckily for me, we had a 2 hour delay at work so I got to sleep in a little bit. By about noon, I hated everything and everyone. I went from constipated to….not constipated. From wanting to puke, to being desperately thirsty. To wanting to crash and nap deeply to contemplating the gym. The alternating sweats with being frozen, those were fun too.  It was an excellent day to sit at my standing desk and make lots of phone calls. At least the book did prepare me for the misery of Day 3, as well as my friends who have been through this before and said “prepare to be an asshole until Day 14”.

Whole 30 bright side: LICENSE TO BE AN ASSHOLE!! JK, I would never…

To not be a total Debbie Downer, I did find a few positives in my day of not really wanting to eat, move, or associate with humans. One, my overall pain levels are way down. No reflux today! YES! My ribs and stomach really didn’t bother me much today, and I didn’t notice my knee making that nasty grinding sound as I walked down the stairs. There was also a box of cheese at my meeting tonight (we’ve discussed my feelings towards cheese in all its forms) and it took a very conscious effort to not cram it all into my face hole, but I succeeded.

Today’s food was pretty good too: sausage and egg casserole (I added in a bunch of veggies), Larabar, Perfect Protein Salad (thank space jesus for Whole 30 approved mustard- the condiment of the gods), homemade kale chips, and thai coconut soup (when will it end??). Lots of tea. Lots of water. Some kombucha. And my new favorite: Whole 30 approved almond milk (Natural Directions) with pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg in it.

Tomorrow I am determined to go to yoga. I am kind of excited to try the Chicken Meatball recipe too. Hopefully these two things combined will stop me from wanting to kill anyone and/or spend the day under my blankets with the dog and a Marian Keyes novel.


Day 2

Pretty restless sleep last night, but that’s mostly due to the fact that my messed up shoulder has made it difficult to sleep for years. If I want to change positions, I have to wake up, sit up, and rollover. It’s lovely! Low Dose Naltrexone helps with it, I just have to get my prescription filled 🙂 Anyway, I did wake up in a pretty good mood though, excited to spend the day cooking for the week. I wanted something a little different for breakfast so I made Sweet Potato Toast, with avocado, and a poached egg. The sweet potato toast was actually pretty good! The dog really enjoyed the leftovers from that plate.  I’m already a tea addict, so starting the day with green tea is normal for me. I got to work fixing last night’s coconut soup disaster (calling it The Coconut Soup Disaster from now on). I added some green curry paste, curry powder, and coconut aminos and it was much more palatable. I picked out the parsnips and Bear once again drooled for them. Weird dog.

Physically, I know it will be awhile until I start feeling better. It’s going to take awhile to get a lifetime of a dysfunctional GI system to start working properly. I started my herbal triple threat for the SIBO today- Oil of Oregano, Neem Oil, and Berberine- so we’ll see how that goes. I did notice that despite lots of liquids today, I have one hell of a headache setting in and I am fully blaming not being able to eat cheese for this. In fact, I have decided that every negative feeling and emotion that comes up will be blamed on me not being able to eat cheese. It’s a perfect scapegoat.

Tomorrow I work from 7am to 9pm, so I have lots of food made and ready to bring with me to work. My meeting tomorrow night always has delicious snacks (cheese), so it’s going to take all my willpower to avoid that. I should probably just buy them all gluten filled cookies that no longer hold any temptation over me…

IMG_2196.JPGAbove: the cleaned out pantry! Looking a little bare, but I have since filled it up with homemade kale chips and sweet potato chips.  Bottom: all the off limits food, currently living in a bag in my linen closet. Bye maple sugar!

Day 1

Apparently I hate coconut milk. According to all the recipes I have read, this is going to be a problem. Today I made a Thai Coconut Soup that was so bitter and coconutty I know that tomorrow I am going to have to fix it if I plan on eating it. The mistake may have been the parsnips. I thought I’d be adventurous with a new vegetable- looked harmless enough- but blech. Good news? The dog apparently LOVES parsnips!

So anyway, I spent the better part of a week getting ready for this to start. Knowing that today was forecasted to be a shitstorm of snow, I got most of my shopping done yesterday and finished the rest this morning with the apocalyptic level crowds at New Seasons. I used the snow today to start making lots of food. Working 7am-5pm every day means I really don’t have much time to cook during the week, and definitely don’t have time to make breakfast. I eat 2 out of 3 meals at my desk every day, and by the time I get home, walk the dog, work out, etc, the last thing I ever feel like doing is cooking a complicated dinner.

None of this stuff is quick to make. And it turns your kitchen into an absolute tornado destruction zone. Today I had eggs and turkey bacon, chicken with sweet potatoes, and the thai coconut soup for dinner. By 8:30, I was STARVING. Part of the problem was I hated the soup, so didn’t eat much of it. I grazed on some pistachios, and then had hot almond milk with cinnamon in it to fill up. I also made the “real mayonnaise” today, and yuck!! I don’t know if it’s the cup of olive oil or the too much lime, but I’ll have to go back and fix it tomorrow.

Day 1 was rough. I realized that I do crave something sweet after dinner. The flavors from ALL the coconut and lemon/lime is more than I am used to. I definitely went to bed a little bit hungry. Ok, a lot hungry. And grumpy. On the bright side, I know having a dry Saturday night would be really hard for most people, but I haven’t had booze since December 16, after what I’m calling The Gemini Wings and Corked Wine Incident and/or Sudden Stomach Flu. So at least I have that going for me!

But here are my embarrassing Day 1 pics:

Intentionally not looking cute. And rolled down pants for effect. For all that I workout, and that’s a lot, I have always had a belly, which my Dr thinks is due to leaky gut. So we’ll see what happens on this ultra clean Whole 30!
Ok, I could have picked a more flattering posture…I can’t believe I’m putting this on the internet.
So what we have going on here in this super embarrassing picture are what they call “allergic shiners”- the dark circles under my eyes. I would love to see if by avoiding so many foods that have an inflammatory impact on me really help them to go away. (The wrinkles are just because I’m 37 🙂 ). This pic also shows what I call my “winter skin”- red, splotchy, prone to breakouts, but also REALLY dry. A cleaner diet can help with skin!



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